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Patricia Baskets
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Newsletter Archives

* Available in Reprints. To order any of the Newsletters marked with *, send a SASE with your request and $2 and I will mail it to you.

** E-mail me for Information on these- I have a copy of this newsletter, but not on my computer. If you want an article from this newsletter, let me know and I will copy or type it (the article) up for you. Sorry, probably cannot duplicate any pictures. Send a SASE with your request and $1 and I will mail it to you.

*** Not Available - Does Anyone Have a Copy? Requesting Copies on these early Newsletters
Some of the early ones were lost when my hard drive went down. If I do not have a copy, they are marked with ***. These are not available unless someone has a back copy and is willing to share it. I do have what was on them as those files were secure on back-up discs. They are May 01, June-July 01, December 01.

Free Patterns may or may not be available. E-mail me with your request.


Below is a list of all the newsletters published by Patricia Baskets.


October 2000**
Articles-First Issue - about the newsletter
Kits-Advent star - German Star
Hint- #2 round reed breaking when weaving around a rim.

November-December 2000**
Article-Hand Care
Free Pattern - Box made from Christmas Cards
Hint-Shaping baskets
Hint- recipe for crimson red dye?


January 2001**
Articles-Preparing for the new year
Teach a kid
Nantucket Horror Stories
Hints- More Weaving and shaping baskets

February-March 2001**
Articles- Love Conventions
Free Pattern-Roping
Hint-Making your baskets look good

April 2001**
Articles: Gathering Bark
Rain sticks
Question of the Month
Hint of the Month
Antiques and Collectibles
Free Pattern-Bark Pouch - How to gather bark
Technique- splicing sea grass


May 2001*
Does any one have a Copy?

June-July 2001*
Does any one have a Copy?

December 2001*
Does any one have a Copy?


January 2002**
Articles: Finally keeping last year's basket resolutions
How to design your own baskets
Nantucket Lore and History
What is a Nantucket Basket?
Hint of the Month-Bleeding Colors
Free Pattern and/or Technique-Lacing for rims

April-May 2002**
Articles: Looking for Antiques on way to convention
Planting basket materials in your garden
New Year resolutions…again
Question of the Month-Finding Hemp
Free Pattern and/or Technique-S curls

June-July 2002*
Baskets & Friendships
Sources of Income-Baskets
CD on basket making
Question of the Month- what kind of material do you use in your Advent Stars?
Hint of the Month-None
Antiques and Collectibles-Plated Purse
Free Pattern and/or Technique-Candy Dish

August-September-October 2002*
What I do for a Newsletter
Sources of Income-shows
Teaching Seneca Lake
Geauga Flea Market
Students who does well
New Children's CD
Question of the Month-1) baby buggy pattern - 2) pine bark containers
Hint of the Month-None
Antiques and Collectibles-Makak-the all purpose Indian basket
Free Pattern and/or Technique- Daisy Basket - small

November-December 2002*
Sources of Income: shows
Basket from 1980
Hong Kong hoops
"Weavers Words"
Question of the Month- staining baskets and masking with tape
Hint of the Month-Use a paper collar for displaying gourds or baskets with round bottoms
Antiques and Collectibles- Teneriffe woven basket
Free Pattern -Flowers on Baskets-poinsettias, tulips, sunflowers, daffodils


January-February 2003*
Sources of Income: Teaching
Lita & River Cane Baskets
Question of the Month-touching up a crack on a colored reed basket - and removing bleeding stains
Antiques and Collectibles-River Cane Baskets
Free Pattern -Indian Match Stick Rim
Technique-Split a spoke to weave continuously

March-April 2003*
Articles: Sources of Income: Repair Work
Credit Cards
Pnobscott dying
Rug Beaters
Design Contest
Question of the Month-wanted, Tenerife animal patterns
Antiques and Collectibles-Plaited purse-prison art
Free Pattern-1) Shaker Weave and Chase Basket. 2) plaiting with paper
FreeTechnique-1) Replacing broken spokes. 2) Making a "slider".

May-June 2003*
Sources of Income: Consignment Shops
Your Personal Technique
Question of the Month-How do I lash in a tight area
Hint of the Month-Using pony tail bands
Antiques and Collectibles-Coiled and Teneriffe baskets
Free Pattern and/or Technique-Spider Webbing

September-October 2003**
Articles-Source of Income-Selling Patterns
Lomond Elementary School
Abraxas student-Rain Stick
Rain sticks from Abraxas
Coping with the weather-dying reed with no electricity
Question of the Month
Hint of the Month-Using twist ties to mark place and secure rim.
Antiques and Collectibles-Sewing basket
Teneriffe basket puzzle solved
Free Pattern-Rug Beater
Techniques-Tying spokes with a spring

November-December 2003*
Sources of Income - Selling Patterns
Pattern testers wanted
Research on purse and Snowflake
What's new - Carefree Days - found stone cup
Question of the Month-How to put feet on baskets to make them sit straight
Looking forTeneriffe animals
Hint of the Month- Collars to sit baskets on
Antiques and Collectibles-Rye Straw Baskets
Free Pattern-Flat Angel


January-February 2004*
Lissa Hunter Exhibition
Safety First
Museum & Americana Shops
Test Patterns for Patricia Baskets
Question of the Month-Information on how to research Nantucket baskets
Hint of the Month-Sanding spokes and wetting reed
Antiques and Collectibles-Nantucket Baskets-How to tell an import
Free Pattern and/or Technique-Napkin Basket with Fancy Handle

March-April-May 2004*
Spring-Willow gathering
Mayan Baskets
Baskets have changed over the years
Local Girl Scouts
St. Alberts
Question of the Month- Is there anything you can do to save dry brittle reed?
Hint of the Month-Weave with the grain of the reed in mind
Antiques and Collectibles-Twill basketry
Free Pattern and/or Technique-Simply twill

June 2004 - None published

July-August 2004*
Looking for that Special Find
San Xavier Mission in Arizona and their Papago Baskets
A basket story - A child teaches me to weave more than a bracelet
Question of Month-On day lily leaves
Hint of Month - Washing Gourds
Kit of Month - Picnic Basket
Free Pattern and/or Technique - Hanging Vase - Packing baskets
Antiques and Collectibles - Papago Baskets



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